Wednesday, March 09, 2005

:::.... Oh man, I have the funniest story about my nephew ever.

He's had a stuffed cow that plays a lullaby when you squeeze its tummy since he was born and he loves it more than anything. Once his little sister came along, her show of affection towards the cow was met with bitterness. Soon she was given her own, newer version of the cow,but my nephew didn't mind. It made him love his cow even more. In fact, he is so attached to it, that my brother and his wife have resorted to sneaking the cow away from him to clean it.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law stealthily deposited the cow into the washing machine which in turn, robbed it of its stuffing almost entirely. All that was left was a plump head and limp body. There was no question as to if my nephew had spotted the droopy animal as indicated by "My cow! My cow!", screamed at a feverish pitch along with a pointed little finger. What had she done!

Once my sister-in-law realized the magnitude of the situation, she hurriedly loaded up both children and headed toward the nearest craft store. The anorexic cow needed some serious stuffing! By the time they arrived at Hobby Lobby, the distraught two-year old had stripped his body of all clothing and somewhere there is a tiny little shoe that has felt his wrath and will never be seen again.

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