Saturday, March 12, 2005

:::.... Michael Jackson = entertainer. Entertainer = liberal. One idiotic liberal = all liberals.

Thank you Michael Jackson for showing up for court in your pajama bottoms and slippers. You stupid freak. We might as well all walk around in our pajama bottoms now.


I was almost the victim of road rage today. It happened at an unfamiliar intersection that I was spit into after taking a detour. The traffic light was blinking which immediately annoyed me since there is always one idiot who perceives the advancement of the car in front of him as a green light and takes off too. Trouble is, you're never quite sure what idiot is going to pull this until they almost ram your car.

Today, it happened in the lane closest to me and I immediately, hit my brakes, flung my arms over my head and gave them the "What the fuck are you doing? It's not your turn!" look. They returned the gesture and added their own, which I also returned. We weren't exactly waving to one another. A short way down the street their car appeared with a person hanging out each window motioning me to stop and bring it on or something. I hit my brakes and they zoomed passed and as they tried to circle back around, in the middle of the street, I gunned my motor and shot down the street. I was fucking scared out of my skull. I made a few quick turns and lost them, but my hands were shaking so bad I could barely turn the wheel. Back at home I convinced myself I wasn't in any danger of being shot since thugs handle drive-bys a lot cooler. Like for instance, not hanging the entire top half of their body out of car windows while yelling obscenities. I'm figuring they just lean the seat back and pop you or something.

On a much lighter, but equally annoying note, the little plaid cart has gone missing. That's what I get for presuming it would just be there in the car when we needed it next. This, despite having changed positions from the trunk, to the back seat, to possibly Jenny's car. We figure one of the dudes at the body shop helped himself to it. It was a compact yet sturdy little guy. We will have to join the other ignorant fools at the book sale, sliding their heaps of books across the floor. If I'm lucky, Jenny will have kicked her cold and will agree to a little morning cart hunt.

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