Wednesday, March 30, 2005

:::.... Scratch the self-defense instruction for today. I've convinced Jenny to illustrate the black and white photos of that section in our Kung Fu book using wild, but upright standing, animals such as squirrels and bunnies or perhaps a deer. Can you belive we almost threw that book out? Threw it out! How stupid could we be?

Oh alright, I'll share a few anyway. Since you can't see the pictures I'll attempt to make it easier for you to understand with notes in parenthesis. Pay attention.

The Lapel Grab: Attacker grabs lapel....Grab attacker's hand (if he is using his right hand it will be your left hand.) Now,(using your other hand) begin to push up on his elbow (from below)....Pull his hand down while pushing his other elbow up, flipping the attacker to the floor. Hold attacker to the floor. If he tries to move, apply more pressure; his shoulder joint will be in excruciating pain. At this point, I'm sure he will agree to leave you alone. (If he doesn't, hope that he grabs your lapel in the same way so that you can repeat this exact same move again.) I tried this one on Jenny and she yelled "Ow!" but I'm sure I need more practice.

Here's another one. This one's for the ladies...

Double Writst Hold: With your attacker holding both wrists, raise your kicking leg and snap a front kick* to the groin. Retract kick and follow up with another front kick to the face.

*I believe a "snap kick" is when you lift your knee out in front of you and extend your foot outward very quickly instead of just thrusting your whole leg at someone in one motion. It has more impact and causes less injury to you.

Here's what to do if you find a gun pointed at your head.

Gun At Head: In a situation like this, you have no choice but to act. With blinding speed, shift your head away from the gun: at the same time, knock it up with your open hand and keep hold of the gun hand. Drive your knee into the attacker's groin and palm heel under his jaw.

This was the ONLY time we found in the entire book that it was acceptable for a man to strike another man's groin. (see the Lapel Grab) It is more acceptable to flip a man 180 degrees in the air before resorting to this.

Remember, el cheapo loves you and wants you to be safe all the time. Just don't grab my lapel ever.

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