Friday, April 01, 2005

Body: What was that?
Me: What?
Body: What did you just eat?
Me: Huh?
Body: You just had sugar didn't you.
Me: No.
Body: Yes you did. I can tell.
Me: I had like part of a chocolate bunny last night.
Body: It was more like half and that's not what I'm talking about. Just now....what did you eat?
Me: Nothing.
Body: You put catsup on those fries didn't you?
Me: So?!
Body: Sugar! You're supposed to cut sugar out for a month. You can't even go a week. Pathetic.


We will (hopefully) be meeting James Kochalka this weekend!! How cool is that? I can't wait to pat him on the head.

:: Image hosted by Photobucket.comPlinka Plinka. Still jamming out on my tennis racket.

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