Wednesday, April 27, 2005

:::.... There is no place for day dreaming while standing at the water vending machine. Especially when the spigot of your water bottle is open.

We are moving! And the apartment is utter chaos. We don't have enough boxes. Nor do we have enough space to stack more boxes. So I mostly just make coffee and sit and wonder where the fuck everything is going to go.

Hey all you lesbian readers out there! Guess what exercise can help get rid of a double chin? Having sex! You know that thing you do with your tongue? That's it. Oh, and if you're selfish in bed, just try to touch the end of your nose with it thirty times each day. That works as well. Now let's see...Which is more work? And why do I care since I am the scrawniest person in Texas? Sitting on your ass all day coupled with bad posture can give anyone a flabby chin. You should see my retarded profile.

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