Friday, April 08, 2005

:: We met James Kochalka! Twice.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I meant to write about this the following day, but I was feeling pretty rotten from drinking a little too much in a smoked-filled bar which led to a terrible headache. Jenny brought coffee and lunch to me in bed while I alternated between reading comic books and staring at the ceiling. My allergy medicine made sure I stayed wide awake.

Here is the play by play.

We pulled up to the comic book store right at 1:30 like I had planned. James was scheduled to sign books at 2:00, so I figured we needed at least thirty minutes to find parking and fight our way through the comic book geeks that would surely be lined up out the door and wrapped around the building several times. As usual, I had overcompensated and we found ourselves second in line behind a short, round girl who had no interest in sharing her excitement with anyone near her.

After imagining ourselves chatting casually with him, James took his place behind the table and we both froze up like two school girls. It was pathetic. When asked simple questions like: "What would you like me to draw?" and "What do you like to do?" We came up with: "Uh, us meeting you?" and "Um...come here I guess."

We totally blew it. No pat on the head...just a measly handshake. But wait! We had another chance to meet him...with beer! His band was playing that evening at a bar down the street from us. What were the odds?

Before the night was over I had received two handshakes, a hug, permission to pat his head, and he let us buy him a drink! He was so cute when I asked him what he wanted. He stepped away to ask a friend what kind of whiskey he should get. Oh, and we got a glimpse of his pubic hair after he removed his shirt and unzipped his pants then immediately replaced his shirt and zipped his pants back up.

We love you James Kochalka!

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