Friday, May 13, 2005

:::....For those of you wondering, we are still homeless. Although I have migrated over to my parent's house for a few days to babysit their dog, Lance. Perfect name for a Yorkie, yes?

Today I went to Walmart to buy Xacto blades which proved to be quite difficult since no one in the store, including the manager on duty, actually knew what an Xacto knife was.

Manger on duty: What is it?
Me: An Xacto knife. It's like a utility knife.
MOD: Oh. Did you check hardware?
Me: Yes, and crafts, and the school supply section as well. I've bought them here before, but I can't remember where.
MOD: Let me call hardware. What is it called....A zacto knife?

Hardware responds to the page.

MOD: (speaking into phone) In the toy deparment? (turning to me) He says they're in the toy department?
Me: The toy department? What the fu--Oh wait, that's right. They're with the model kits and paints and things. Can you walk me to the model car kits? I'm sorta in a hurry.

This woman is clearly even more confused as she walks me to the toy department and watches me pull the blades from the metal hook.

"Yep, this is them", I say trying to show her. I stood holding them out for her as she walked away. She will be very prepared the next time someone asks for Zacto blades.

On the way out of Walmart I passed the food counter which smelled really good, so I stopped by and guess what? They had sausage on a stick! And potato wedges. All for just $1.45. You can not fill your belly for cheaper than that, my friend.

Later I watched Titanic, again, and cried at the beginning and the end. What is it with this stupid sappy movie? God. I only watched it because I couldn't figure out how to turn the satellite dish on. My dad turns it off to save energy. This is not possible. He also manually closes the garage door even though it is automatic. When we were kids, instead of starting the car engine in the garage, he would open the driver door and with his one leg, push the car out of the garage. He would then quickly close the door so it would not get jerked off on the way out. He has lots of other energy-saving techniques. I will have Jenny illustrate them one day. So anyway, my parents only had the one movie. On VHS even though we bought them a DVD player.

That's all for now. Oh, I lost all of my bookmarks several weeks back so if you would like to share your blog with me or any of the other readers, leave the address in the comment box with possibly a comment. There is only room for five. Elizabeth and Max, you're good.


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