Tuesday, May 31, 2005

:::.... Back online! But too busy to mess around on the Internet all day. We're going out of town this weekend to peddle our wares at a little craft show in Seattle. We arrive on Friday and leave on Monday but the show isn't until Sunday, which means I won't enjoy myself in the slightest until everything is set up on the table looking exactly as I've imagined, or when we are kicking ourselves for not bringing enough stuff. I reckon it's more fun to sell out of everything, than be sitting there at the end of the day with a table full of things no one wanted.

Jenny's stuff is the "meat and potatoes" of our inventory, with my stuff serving as impulse items people add on to their purchase to make it an even twenty or thirty. I sound like I've been to one of these things before. I don't mind riding her coat tails. I doubt anyone would reach into their pocket book upon seeing my little pathetic bingo notepads.


Some Other Things About Me Since You're Here...

My hair has stopped growing again. Every once in a while it just simply refuses to grow. This would be OK if my hair was at a point where it looked really good, but it's not. I butchered it one night and it's looked stupid ever since.

Also, I've become really clumsy lately. Think check-your-watch-while-holding-a-steaming-up-of-coffee-in-that-hand, kind of clumsy. Earlier I tried sitting my toothbrush in the medicine cabinet and it rolled off the shelf and behind the toilet, twice.

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