Wednesday, June 15, 2005

:::.... While surfing ebay as usual, I ran across this guy. Page down a little and get a closer look at him sitting in his white wicker chair pulled up to the tiny little table with all of the cards laid out ready to tell the amazing tale of your FUTURE! And for the "reasonable as opposed to greedy" fee of just five dollars.

Look at him. Do you get the feeling he can actually SEE you? Creepy.

So I start browsing his feedback and notice there are a few comments from sellers. What is a psychic selling his services on ebay buying anyway? I went back as far as I could to April 13 2005. Around that time after making a "quick response and fast payment" he received THE JACK THE RIPPER CONSPIRACIES - NEW REGION 2 DVD. And later around the 16th HENRY-PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER 2 MASK OF SANITY DVD came in the mail. He curbed his spending until May 15 when he picked up THE HONEYMOON KILLERS (New R2 dvd) for 4.99 which is approxiamately nine dollars and one cent American money. He seems somewhat preoccupied with death and killing. Let's move on.

In the middle of June he went on somewhat of a cosmetic spree. He paid approximately $8.13 in U.S. dollars for a tube of Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara, black and unused. (Coincidently, I use this same brand and color.) Around that same time he was the lucky winner of Max Factor's Stayput lipstick in "flame" and a little cake of Stargazer eyeshadow in black would arrive soon after.

It is my strong opinion that in order to be a successful psychic on ebay, you must not only look the part, but own movies of real life serial killers. Got it. Thank you Mr. Psychic man.

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