Friday, June 17, 2005

:::.... My three-year old nephew and I played doctor earlier. I laid down on the carpet and said I wasn't feeling well so he immediately informed me that he was a doctor, or that he would act as my doctor....or he just used doctor in a sentence of some sort. First, he laid a stack of newspaper on my stomach. He then added two hardback books and one of my mother's shoes. The other shoe was added before he ran off into the other room where a never ending supply of plastic food and dishes resided. I believe the procedure had moved from operating table to recovery room as he instructed me to drink from many different vessels and to eat many different foods which included a plastic egg. Periodically he would do some type of voodoo hand gesture over my face and whack me with a little baseball bat. At some point, when he wasn't looking, I palmed the little egg in my hand and then magically pulled it from his left ear. He chuckled a little, but it wasn't until I convinced him that I had consumed an entire play hamburger bun that he was truly impressed.

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