Thursday, July 28, 2005

:::.... I've become increasingly aggravated shopping at the local thrift stores. As a shopper, you expect to be presented with shelves crowded with useless, ugly things, but the mark up these people place on them. So clueless. Considering the sheer volume of things they receive weekly, or even daily, I can sympathize with just "eyeballing" the items as they see fit. But use some common sense people. Things you can purchase brand new are cheaper in some cases. Who do they think they're fooling anyway? I'm hoping that on the flipside, something valuable will pop up and I'll be there to snap it up and resale it.

In case you don't know, I've recently started selling on ebay. So most of my news will include this new hobby somehow. There are lots of different types of sellers on ebay, but I am most interested in two groups in particular. The... Buy-enormous-volumes-of-crap-and-sell-it-all-at-once-for-practically-nothing group, and the... Spend-so-much-time-designing-my-web-page-it's-a-miracle-I-have-anything-for-sale group. I don't really understand or respect, the first group. They have such small regard for the things they sell. They snap one cruddy little badly lit photo and write a single bland descriptive line with an entire essay outlining their terms of sale. Others go on forever about how "cute" and "adorable" and "rare" an item is and why-don't-you-just-keep-it?!

I'm finding that online auctions suit me pretty well, though. I love taking photos and writing copy. And on some level, marketing is involved. What price to start the bidding at....Which items to cross-promote... What items are selling or not selling. Then there's the decision of how many times to relist an item and how much to reduce the price. Not to mention combing yard sales and thrift stores looking for anything that could turn a profit. I make this sound like work, don't I?

Next Friday, Jenny and I will be attending our first auction. MY FIRST AUCTION! I can't wait to spend 25 bucks on some rusty horse shoes, broken dishes, and dirty old books. Wish me luck!

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