Saturday, August 06, 2005

:::.... Nothing much to be found today while garage sale-ing. I ran across a little mini tape recorder which I wouldn't ordinarily pass on, but ten dollars was pretty ridiculous. Come to think of it, everything there was overpriced. I really wish a had a use for outdated cellphones.

Unfortunately, I haven't learned how to make a quick sweep of the tables and politely move on. For some reason I feel compelled to peruse each table showing sincere interest in each and every tarnished piece of brass and silk plant before hopefully drifting away unnoticed. Geesh.

My mom has instructed me to stuff fives, ones, and tens in different pockets so that when I claim to only have eight dollars I won't accidentally fish out a ten dollar bill. Excellent pointers indeed.

In other news, Jenny has become a little gourmet chef. And I am official spoon-licker.

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