Friday, August 12, 2005

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Dude, SCORE!!!

That little inflatable bad boy on the right is mine. Coming all the way from Canada. I got one for me and one for my three-year old nephew. I even got his for free! Can't wait to play air guitar!!!! Now I have to teach him how. It's only 2 ft. long so it's perfect for him.

We watched Tron earlier. And saved the extras for tomorrow night. I love you Netflix. I couldn't find Tron anywhere. Not even the "cool" video store on Shepard. Not really so cool after all. Plus you guys don't even deliver! Peh.

Oh and earlier I accidentally bid $1550 dollars for a vintage Star Wars jersey. Yikes! I had to cancel my bid since who knows how much some freaky teenager was willing to pay for it. These kids sell off all their Christmas presents to buy totally ridiculous shit like that. I know. Jenny had the pleasure of taking advantage of a Simpsons 5th season DVD for $15 from some kid selling his skateboard, his paint gun, a PSP, and lots of other stuff his parents paid good money for. Little shit.

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