Friday, September 02, 2005

:::.... There is the Astrodome and Reliant Stadium. And down the road a ways there is the George R. Brown Convention Center. And somewhere in the middle is us. I'm sitting here having a gin and water and thinking about how our city is suddenly full of thousands and thousands of refugees. All somewhat contained somehow. But for how long? What will happen to them all? Where will they go? Their city is in ruins. I should be doing something. Instead of sitting here watching the news with that feeling you get when it's storming outside and your safe and dry in your home. I'm one of those weirdos that sees a photo of a bus full of dogs headed this way and wants to buy a huge bag of food. I don't have enough money to make a difference for a cash donation. The woman on TV says they have food up to the ceiling from other like-minded people. All of these homeless people and I wonder who will feed the dogs left behind. Maybe it's just too enormous to grasp. Maybe if I drove a mile over to the Astrodome and walked inside and saw the cots. The despair. The hopelessness. I've heard of volunteers having their cars stolen. People are capable of anything when they have lost everything.

My sister's husband has donated two units that can transform even pond water into drinking water. They can each purify 250 gallons a day. That's making a difference.

I'm just sitting here doing nothing.

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