Wednesday, September 14, 2005

:::.... Did you know the song, "Live and Let Die" by The Beatles is actually by Paul McCartney? And it's the theme song from the James Bond movie of the same name?


And did you know that song by Carly Simon entitled, "Nobody Does it Better" is also the theme song of the James Bond flick, The Spy Who Loved Me?


And did you know Louis Armstrong and Nancy Sinatra both sang vocals on two other James Bond movies? Speaking of James Bond and spy stuff and guns...I bought a pellet gun off ebay a few weeks ago which is funny because I've never shot anything more than a squirt gun in my life. I found it in the mail a few minutes before meeting Jenny at her office one day. She was taking photos on the second floor when I took the box into the break room and tore into it. I couldn't figure out how to load the pellets so I made Jenny come down and skim the instructions. In a matter of minutes I was armed. I was actually pretty nervous holding a loaded weapon and held it firmly at my side while walking across the breakroom to the endless targets in the backyard. She works in an older house with a driveway and a garage and a mailbox...First target. A direct hit.

"It didn't explode" piped up one of her co-workers, referring to the pellet.

"It's plastic", I noted.

After shooting at various targets, including tree limbs since nothing much was around, I realized it didn't have much power at all. This is bad. It brings out my tendency to shoot my own arm or foot to test it. I catch myself testing things that look somewhat harmful, but totally dangerous to other people every once in a while. It started when I was around 13. My dad had cut the cord to my stereo and spliced it back together. While staring at a small section of exposed wire, I decided to touch it, giving myself a little shock. These urges can be almost uncontrollable. Before I know what I'm doing, I've touched the end of a hot wire used to cut styrofoam in art class. It didn't hurt. I didn't think it would. But I have to make sure. The other day while holding down the little button on the washer with the lid open, I observed how fast the spin cycle goes. Of course I had to touch the side to see what would happen. Nothing. The plastic rim on the side only appears to moving at the speed of light. It's not moving at all. But I had to know. Does anyone else do this?

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