Saturday, September 24, 2005

:::....We have survived Rita. In fact, we didn't see much action at all. If hurricane Rita were a flu, we felt a sneeze. We went to sleep (at the foot of the bed, away from the window) around midnight and didn't hear much of anything through our double-pane windows except some wind. We woke up this morning with no loss of power and a yard full of birds and squirrels picking through the leaves and other debris scattered about. We were lucky. Very lucky.

Later we hopped on our bikes to check out the sights and were met with many other people on bikes doing the exact same thing. We saw a twenty-something guy steering with one hand and carrying a twelve pack of beer in the other. Other than that, it was basically the same thing all over town. Tree limbs and leaves littering the streets. The few cars we saw had people who seemed to be driving around restlessly with nowhere to go. There were only a handful of places open...A Pappa John's pizza, a convenience store, James Coney Island, and a couple of gay bars. Tonight should be interesting as cabin fever really sets in. It's Saturday night you know. And I imagine a lot of people aren't the homebodies we are, needing nothing more than a computer and a library of DVDs to stay thoroughly entertained the whole evening.

Right now Jenny is curled up in blanket reading a book. I think I will go sit on top of her until she yells at me. OK, maybe just a little cabin fever here.

Photos tomorrow.

I snapped a few photos which I will post sometime tomorrow.

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