Friday, September 30, 2005

:::.... This morning after being told good-bye from Jenny, I heard the door shut and a few minutes later I heard it open and close again followed by "Oh man."

"Baby?", I called out. "What's wrong?"

"Can you come here for a second?"

I untangled myself from the sheets and went into the living room. There I found her with two skinned knees. Again. I disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared with peroxide, ointment, and a band-aid.

"That one's not big enough...Get one from the first-aid kit. I don't want blood on my pants."

"What happened? You just fell down the stairs? And why are you wearing shorts to work?"

"I missed the last step. I'm not wearing shorts. I pushed my pants up so I don't get blood on them."

I patched her up and watched her leave again. On her way out I noticed the strings of her iPod hanging down. That's what you get for be-bopping down the stairs toward your sunny four blocks to work while everyone else is stuck in traffic for an hour.

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