Tuesday, October 11, 2005

:::.... I spent most of yesterday "dumbing down" my ebay photos. Apparently, 95% of potential bidders do not trust a photo that has a solid white background instead of a cluttered kitchen table. I realized this after finding an auction for a similar item I was selling. My cute little pink clock sat at an angle on a snowy white background...With no bids. While the other seller's clock sat next to a horrid yellow vase complete with camera flash glare and all. It was selling, of course.

My photos were simply too perfect. Using Jenny's digital camera with its awesome macro feature coupled with modest Photoshop skills, my photos looked suspiciously like stock photos. People were turned off by the idea I was presenting an item that may only vaguely live up to the catalog perfect image in my listing. Trust is everything on ebay and I was being a shady character that didn't deserve any.

So yesterday I snapped photos of different objects on the little shelf in our living room in hopes of redeeming myself in the not-so-small world of ebay.

P.S. Our record player broke. We are sad.

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