Saturday, November 05, 2005

:::.... "Suddenly the stranger raised his gloved hands, stamped his foot and said, "Stop!" with such extraordinary violence that he silenced her instantly.

"You don't understand," he said, "who I am or what I am. I'll show you. By heaven! I'll show you." Then he put his open palm over his face and withdrew it. The center of his face became a black cavity. "Here," he said. He stepped forward and handed Mrs. Hall something which she, staring at his metamorphosed face, accepted automatically. Then, when she saw what it was, she screamed loudly, dropped it, and staggered back. The nose--it was the stranger's nose! Pink and shining--rolled on the floor."

In the spirit of copying other people...The first person who can guess correctly what H.G. Wells book I am reading wins a mix tape! Actually, it will be on CD, but mix CD doesn't have the same ring to it. Just leave your answer in the comment box. If you guess correctly, I will have you email me your address. I haven't made it yet, since I've held contests before and with no participation, found myself stuck with three bingo games and a pile of stickers among other "great prizes". For anyone not keeping up, the songs will be exclusively from my record collection. Oh and if you don't want the mix tape, don't answer! You'll just ruin it for everyone else. Strangers and first-time visitors welcome!

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