Tuesday, December 20, 2005

:::.... I've said it once, I'll say it again. Ben Gay does not work. First it's cold, then it's hot, then you're stuck with the same aching pain but with the added bonus of stinking to high heaven. Why do I even bother?


I forgot to mention how yesterday while taking the water bottles to be filled at Fiesta Mart I watched an elderly woman exit the gold-colored Cadillac she had just parked in the handicapped space, walk slowly to the entrance of the store. Her car was still running. I figured a) it was none of my business and b) she may hit me over the head with her purse if I approach her. So I went inside and proceeded to fill each of the water bottles while keeping an eye on her. Surely she is aware that her car is running and intends to pick up a single item and leave.

She chose a shopping cart and eased it towards the produce section, pausing by the apples. She lifted a bright green one and took in it's sweet smell.

This woman has no idea her car is running. I left my two bottles at the vending machine and walked over to her. I placed one arm on her shoulder and asked, "Mamm, did you mean to leave your car running?" She gave me a look of both alarm and embarrassment and headed for the door. She was utterly confused and I wondered if once she got to her car she would even remember why she was there. But on my out I passed the gold Cadillac which now sat silently in the parking lot.

The funny thing is, that helping her really made my day.

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