Saturday, December 10, 2005

* Catapult Santa's jolly ass through the sky with the help of two little elves and a gigantic sling shot. Play more holiday-themed games here.

Dammit, I love online games!

I can't wait for Santa to come this year. With any luck he hasn't been paying any attention to what a deadbeat I've been all year and will bring me a new memory card for my digital camera. I can't wait until my friend Hilda gets one too so we can take a road trip together. I would go with my friend Brad but he's an asshole who never calls or emails me to go do anything with him. He's an asshole. Oh, I already mentioned that. Sorry.

P.S. If you live in the Houston area, Urban Outfitters in The Village caught on fire and is temporarily closed. So if you were counting on picking up a last minute gift for the hipster on your list, you're screwed. Unless you are completely out of your mind and will actually shop at the Galleria. I think the other store is located there, but you're not that crazy...Are you?!

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