Tuesday, January 10, 2006

:::.... A friend of mine called to tell me they are hiring at the art supply store where she works. Although I don't plan on applying, her phone call did a world of good...Especially since Jenny was standing there listening to the message with me.

It reminded me of two things. a) I never want to go back to a retail job and b) I've lost my way and I need to find it again.

Knowing my sales on ebay would slow to almost nothing with the holidays over, I was in no hurry to get back to my old routine of snapping photos and writing descriptions. Taking a part time job sounds like a good idea. And considering that I owe someone important a few hundred dollars, it sounds like a great idea. Except that I will go to work there and be stuck in the same exact place I was in three years ago. Working for someone else at a dead end job with the GENERAL PUBLIC*. Add the fact my friend is one of the managers there and I wouldn't feel right taking a job knowing I had no intention of hanging around.

The timing was perfect. Jenny had a renewed interest in our website and I realized that the "holidays" aren't even close to being over. There's Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and all the Birthdays in between. We've got work to do! And the proverbial creative juices came bursting forth with the force of a tidal wave into our living room. Ideas were pouring out of me quicker than I could jot them down. I was shaking them out of my sleeve. After a quick run to the crafts store, Jenny had began sewing and within an hour or two had a prototype for what will hopefully be our biggest seller. She is truly amazing and talented.

This all of course, is just fueling my fantasy. The one where I finance my education with our website and my ebay sales. One day I may emerge from my pipe dream penniless and alone. But for now, I will learn to work both sides of my brain to attain this goal. Wish me luck and please, my dear readers, do not hesitate to leave me any words of advice or wisdom. I could use the help.

*Idiots. All of them.

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