Tuesday, January 03, 2006

* Extensive list of haunted places in Texas. The buzzer on the dryer went off a few feet away while I was browsing the list and I almost peed my pants!

* Six Flags Astroworld will begin a 3-day public auction Friday, January 6. It will include such items as machinery, tools, equipment, rides, memorabilia, etc.
"Several buildings on site are packed with everything and anything connected to AstroWorld: old amusement ride signs, garbage bins filled with rubber boots — dried mud still clinging to some — wooden picnic tables, boxes of employee uniforms, industrial sewing machines, more than three dozen 25-inch color TVs, golf carts, disco balls, air compressors, garden hoses, bakery display cases and — what every home needs — a waist-high double ketchup dispenser on wheels."

I think I might be interested in the waist-high double ketchup dispenser, but I don't think it would fit in my car. And I'm positive Jenny wouldn't let me try. Regardless, we may just pack up a few notebooks and cameras and head on over Saturday.

* Think twice before getting drunk and raising hell on an airplane.

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