Monday, January 02, 2006

*Here is a funny (and pathetic) thread consisting almost entirely of comments by really stupid kids who are clueless on how to work and care for their iPod Nanos. The first fifteen or twenty are by recent iPod Mini purchasers (back in September) complaining about the Nano's release. Scroll down a bit to read about how easily the Nano gets scratched after being stowed in a jeans pocket all day (with no case.) As you read, be sure to note how many times the same ridiculous question of how to delete songs from the Nano is asked, and answered...And still asked again and again and again. It's staggering.

Actual reader comment:
argh!!!! i got the ipod nano 2day and my sister stepped on the earphones with high heels on and one of them came apart and i cant fix it!!! stupid nano. and the book says the warranty doesn't cover accident!

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