Friday, February 24, 2006

:::....With my birthday around the corner I've been thinking about something. What's the big deal about January 1st? It's the beginning of a fresh new year. So? It's really just the beginning of a new calender year. Not really a new beginning for ME. I was born on March 4th, so I figure a fresh new year for me would start on that day. With that in mind I've decided to make some changes. One of them will include a whole new blog. I've had this one for two years and I'm tired of looking at it. I guess I could just change the template, but I'm pretty sure the old muddy tan will show up in the archives. I'd rather just make a clean break and start a new one.

After shopping around briefly for another free online journal service, I've decided to stick with Blogger since it's now owned by none other than Google. And how cool is that? Plus I just don't have enough teen agnst to start a LiveJournal. And let's be honest, all those animated gif icons.....faggy.

I'll be updating for a while longer, so if you want the new link just comment with your email address or email me directly.

Monday, February 20, 2006

:::.... Part of becoming successful is staying motivated and playing the part of a successful person. It is in my book, anyway. So I like to spend an hour or so each day reading through a few blogs I have bookmarked. Today I found a great article on why barriers are your enemy.

"I think the source of 95%+ of barriers to success is...ourselves. It's not our lack of resources (money, education, etc). It's not our competition. It's usually just what's in our own heads. Barriers are more than just excuses--they're the things that make us not get anything done. And not only do we allow them to exist around us, we encourage them. There are active barriers and passive barriers, but the result is still the same: We don't achieve what we want to."

And my new motto:

"The smartest people relentlessly remove barriers around them. And the others let barriers control them."

Up until now, the smallest obstacle could trip me up and leave me stalled for weeks wondering why this had to happen, and to me of all people. So I've got this one written on a post-it and I resolve to adopt this new way of thinking and to not be an "other."


In other news, on this President's Day, I attended jury duty. I was juror number 6 on row no.1 in a group of 24. On this occasion, they needed six of us to decide if a woman was traveling at an "unsafe speed" on the day she was ticketed. I couldn't have cared less and my look of indifference had me striked from both the sides of the argument. After sitting for three hours I gathered my belongings, turned in my "Juror" badge and was just short of whistling passed the chosen ones. Yes, you are special. All six of you. Don't spend your six dollars in one place. (what's up with all the sixes?...)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

:::.... This article detailing how American Idol is clobbering this year's winter Olympics, in ratings, makes me feel a lot less guilty about not giving a crap about them.

Watching the Olympics, in my opinion, is a lot like the Christmas holiday...Best enjoyed, and way more exciting, for children and their parents. I mean, what twenty or thirty-something comes home and relaxes in front of the TV to watch figure skating? And how is someone from the south supposed to identify with snow skiing or bobsledding? I watched the Olympics as a kid, and maybe one day when I have a child of my own I will become excited again upon hearing him dream of winning a gold medal. And I'll do my best to not ask questions like, "Are you sure you want to do that? Look at their legs. You don't want ugly muscular legs like that do you?"

Until then, I will continue to watch shows like Lost, where the next day I put on a pot of coffee and take my time sipping and reading what everyone thought of last night's episode.

Monday, February 13, 2006

:::.... Sunday we drove over to a friend's house, where we enjoyed lunch before heading into the garage to tinker with her old-fashioned letter press. Since this really isn't more than a two-person job, one to dig through all the type and spacers and one to set the type, I dragged a folding chair from the kitchen and tried to read a book. Occasionally, I would pop up and but in the fun to press a dozen or so pages and then sit again. I spent about thirty minutes reading the same page before giving up. I'm totally useless at blocking out conversation, so I just sat for a moment before the friend's husband pulled up in the driveway with their son. He is around four years old and zoomed passed us with a bashful smile without speaking. I followed him to his room where he had already shed is good shoes and was pulling on some little black sandals. Within minutes we were squatting in the little space between the bed and window constructing a complicated track for Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends which would involve three bridges, two cranes, and a turnabout.

On the way home we stopped by Ikea. They have a restaurant now so we shared a piece of cheesecake and had coffee before hitting the kitchen gadgets. Jenny found a little widget that quickly makes froth right in your cup. It's powered by two AA batteries and works like a dream. Last night while watching Grey's Anatomy we sipped hot soy milk with a shots of vanilla, big foamy heads and cinnamon on top.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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Hey Roller Girl.....

I can't decide if this is actually sexy or not. I mean, the skates, the cigarette...I don't know. Why is she resting on her knees like that? She must be out of breath from smoking all those Virginia Slims lights. Maybe she should switch to the ultra lights.

Speaking of breath, I can hold my breath for 1 minute and thirty seconds. It started really hurting around one minute and fifteen seconds but I struggled until I reached something more impressive. This is what happens when someone programs a stop watch into the little electronic handheld device I happen to be holding. What did they expect me to do with this feature?...Take off running?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

* Simple explanation of why pencils are yellow.

* Nine triggers of ADD and ADHD in children and why Ritalin is helpful in controlling it. (Something I've never undestood since it's thought to be so similar to cocaine.)

The pre-frontal lobe of the brain is the control center of the brain, the "chaperone" if you will. If you were holding a dance for a bunch of kids, you would need a chaperone there to make sure that their behavior stayed within normal bounds. The pre-frontal lobe provides this kind of chaperone-like control over a child's behavior. In children who exhibit symptoms of ADD or ADHD, this control center is asleep. This is why Ritalin, a stimulant, serves to calm these children down. The stimulant wakes up the control center, so it can once again watch over the behavior of the child.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

:::....The days will start getting longer soon. A little more each day. And by early April we will lose an hour and I will welcome this. I'm tired of the harsh yellow light breaking through the blinds around four o'clock signaling the end of the day. I begin to feel tired even if I'm not. By nightfall I promptly stop doing anything productive at all. I've even been known to crawl into bed with a book by nine and drift away by ten. The end of the day depresses me and I secretly wish I could fast-forward to the morning where I will enjoy my first cup of coffee and pretend things will be different today.

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