Monday, February 13, 2006

:::.... Sunday we drove over to a friend's house, where we enjoyed lunch before heading into the garage to tinker with her old-fashioned letter press. Since this really isn't more than a two-person job, one to dig through all the type and spacers and one to set the type, I dragged a folding chair from the kitchen and tried to read a book. Occasionally, I would pop up and but in the fun to press a dozen or so pages and then sit again. I spent about thirty minutes reading the same page before giving up. I'm totally useless at blocking out conversation, so I just sat for a moment before the friend's husband pulled up in the driveway with their son. He is around four years old and zoomed passed us with a bashful smile without speaking. I followed him to his room where he had already shed is good shoes and was pulling on some little black sandals. Within minutes we were squatting in the little space between the bed and window constructing a complicated track for Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends which would involve three bridges, two cranes, and a turnabout.

On the way home we stopped by Ikea. They have a restaurant now so we shared a piece of cheesecake and had coffee before hitting the kitchen gadgets. Jenny found a little widget that quickly makes froth right in your cup. It's powered by two AA batteries and works like a dream. Last night while watching Grey's Anatomy we sipped hot soy milk with a shots of vanilla, big foamy heads and cinnamon on top.

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