Monday, February 20, 2006

:::.... Part of becoming successful is staying motivated and playing the part of a successful person. It is in my book, anyway. So I like to spend an hour or so each day reading through a few blogs I have bookmarked. Today I found a great article on why barriers are your enemy.

"I think the source of 95%+ of barriers to success is...ourselves. It's not our lack of resources (money, education, etc). It's not our competition. It's usually just what's in our own heads. Barriers are more than just excuses--they're the things that make us not get anything done. And not only do we allow them to exist around us, we encourage them. There are active barriers and passive barriers, but the result is still the same: We don't achieve what we want to."

And my new motto:

"The smartest people relentlessly remove barriers around them. And the others let barriers control them."

Up until now, the smallest obstacle could trip me up and leave me stalled for weeks wondering why this had to happen, and to me of all people. So I've got this one written on a post-it and I resolve to adopt this new way of thinking and to not be an "other."


In other news, on this President's Day, I attended jury duty. I was juror number 6 on row no.1 in a group of 24. On this occasion, they needed six of us to decide if a woman was traveling at an "unsafe speed" on the day she was ticketed. I couldn't have cared less and my look of indifference had me striked from both the sides of the argument. After sitting for three hours I gathered my belongings, turned in my "Juror" badge and was just short of whistling passed the chosen ones. Yes, you are special. All six of you. Don't spend your six dollars in one place. (what's up with all the sixes?...)

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