Friday, February 24, 2006

:::....With my birthday around the corner I've been thinking about something. What's the big deal about January 1st? It's the beginning of a fresh new year. So? It's really just the beginning of a new calender year. Not really a new beginning for ME. I was born on March 4th, so I figure a fresh new year for me would start on that day. With that in mind I've decided to make some changes. One of them will include a whole new blog. I've had this one for two years and I'm tired of looking at it. I guess I could just change the template, but I'm pretty sure the old muddy tan will show up in the archives. I'd rather just make a clean break and start a new one.

After shopping around briefly for another free online journal service, I've decided to stick with Blogger since it's now owned by none other than Google. And how cool is that? Plus I just don't have enough teen agnst to start a LiveJournal. And let's be honest, all those animated gif icons.....faggy.

I'll be updating for a while longer, so if you want the new link just comment with your email address or email me directly.

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