Saturday, February 04, 2006

* Simple explanation of why pencils are yellow.

* Nine triggers of ADD and ADHD in children and why Ritalin is helpful in controlling it. (Something I've never undestood since it's thought to be so similar to cocaine.)

The pre-frontal lobe of the brain is the control center of the brain, the "chaperone" if you will. If you were holding a dance for a bunch of kids, you would need a chaperone there to make sure that their behavior stayed within normal bounds. The pre-frontal lobe provides this kind of chaperone-like control over a child's behavior. In children who exhibit symptoms of ADD or ADHD, this control center is asleep. This is why Ritalin, a stimulant, serves to calm these children down. The stimulant wakes up the control center, so it can once again watch over the behavior of the child.

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