Tuesday, March 07, 2006

:::.... We attended Staple! in Austin again this past weekend. It appears the event is growing bigger judging by the fact it was held in the Red Oak Ballroom of the local mall instead of in the Elk's Club which is located on top of a hill in the middle of a neighborhood. Also, there were a handful of more established and well-known artists there such as Jane's World writer, Paige Braddock and one of our favorites, Jim Mahfood, whose appearance was completely opposite from what I imagined. We bought two of his comic books to sign and I tried to throw in the fact it was my birthday, but he became distracted when someone handed him an iPod, so I just let it go. He was actually a cute little guy. Since I was too shy to take his picture while standing in front of him, I tried it from across the room which resulted in three thoroughly useless and blurry photos. We were disappointed to not see the artist behind Snake Pit, Ben Snakepit. I'm wondering if the larger venue resulted in a heftier exhibit fee which kept some of the locals from exibiting which would totally defeat the purpose of holding an independant media expo. Or maybe he just couldn't make it this year. We circled the floor obsessively for you Snakepit! We were there--where were you! Ironically, we ended buying a copy of his anthology at Waterloo records the next day before leaving town.

Jenny will be creating a comic book/zine chronicling our trip, which will likely end up for sell on Monkey Do Collective.

And just an hour or so ago, I finished setting up my new blog account so updates here are pretty much done. Sorry, no link will be added. Just like I didn't link my first blog to this one. Those two chapters are finished.

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